Industrial raw materials supplier, Team Trade, recently announced the successful completion of its bond sale. With a total of 24 million Czech crowns (€937,000) worth of bonds sold within the short sales time, investors have shown their belief in Team Trade’s business plans.

“We are very pleased with our achievement and would like to thank all of our investors for placing their trust in us,” said Pavel Kuchalik, Director of Operations at Team Trade. “To sell so many bonds in such a short space of time proves the potential that carbon nanotube production has in today’s manufacturing world, and our investors’ belief in our business.”

Work is already progressing to turn the investments into profit, with plans laid out to construct a carbon nanotube manufacturing facility as soon as is practical.

“Now of course, the hard work begins, as we must set about turning our plans into reality,” noted Kuchalik.

With demand frequently outstripping supply for this revolutionary new raw material, numerous manufacturers are seeking reliable deliveries of quality carbon nanotubes. Given Team Trade’s 14 years’ experience in the supply and distribution of industrial feedstocks it seems likely that the company is about to embark on a successful new era.